No butts about it: Your cigarettes kill everything

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Dear Umbra, I’m a full-time environmental activist living on an anti-aviation protest camp. When I first came here, I was shocked by the number of environmentalists who smoke tobacco.  I’ve always had a suspicion that tobacco has a fairly large environmental footprint. Can you confirm or deny this? Ru R. Sipson, UK Dearest Ru, Have […]

Ask Umbra: Is synthetic yarn for the birds?

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Q. Dear Umbra, I’ve been saving my yarn scraps all year to put out for the birds while they’re building their nests, but I’m wondering about synthetics, like acrylic. Most of my knitting is done with wool, but occasionally I need a synthetic for a specific project. I worry about letting those scraps “into the […]

Ask Umbra: What’s the Greenest Kind of Drink Container?

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Q.Dear Umbra, My peers and I are working to better our campus. We’re looking into the most sustainable option for drinks on campus. What’s better for our school to buy and sell: glass bottles, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans? Ideally, we would forgo all these options and use fountain dispensers and reusable cups, but financially […]