Samba Fogo’s origins collide & ignite in CHAMA, featuring Rosangela Silvestre and Mark Lamson April 27, 28, 29, 2017

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Beneath the fire, glitter and bikinis, the Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban dance culture of the Orixa tradition holds deep spiritual significance.   The Candomblé Priestess tossed the cowrie shells on the table in front of Lorin Hansen, Artistic Director of Samba Fogo, on her visit to Bahia, Brazil, in 2009. A significant rite of passage for […]

Yoga with the Sharks with Amanda Jones

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“What are you afraid of?” Amanda Jones, yoga instructor, asks her packed yoga class as we sit cross-legged, staring ahead at the 300,000 gallon shark tank at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, in Draper. Fear is something that strikes me as a foreign concept to Jones, formerly a reporter at KUTV 2News, and founder of Amanda […]

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Winter Playlist Song #1: Sophie Says: The revolution will not be social media-ized. The revolution will be live

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“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” is a poem from the B-side of Gil Scott-Heron’s first single, “Home Is Where the Hatred Is” and was written in 1969. What a hard-hitting year: the war in ‘Nam, Nixon, we landed on the moon, antiwar demonstrations, race riots, Woodstock, Charles Manson’s cult murdered a couple of people, […]